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Public Access Help Page


Public Access Guide

Public Access means that you are viewing these web pages without being logged on.

To make an application for marine facilities - you must be a registered user, and logged on to the Marine Facilities Planning tool. Information on obtaining an account is - [here].

If you do not wish to make an application but are only visiting the site for information; concerning the Marine Planning process, a Programme, or a specific Profile, then you are not required to register/log on.

Public access to the site provides :

  • A read only review of specific Profiles - [here].

  • The Programme of cruises by specific years - [here].

  • A summary of recently made applications and their proposed location - [here].

  • The application guide contains information about the Marine Facilities Planning process - [here].

A read only review of specific Cruise Profiles.

Profiles on menu.

A Profile is a collection of online forms & associated uploaded files which are used in the Application, Planning and Post-Cruise Assessment of a research cruise.

When the Profile is created it is given a unique Profile ID by which it is recognised on the system.

The Listing and Sorting Profiles Page allows you to select a specific Profile from all those on the system.

Go to the Listing and Sorting Profiles Page by selecting a Profile list option from the View Profiles Menu.

The figure on the left highlights the All Profiles menu options.

Other options will list a sub-set of the full list of Profiles. Profiles can be organised into sub-sets by; their stage in the application process, or owner.

The List Profiles Table on the Listing and Sorting Profiles Page.

Figure  -  The List Profiles Table on the Listing and Sorting Page. (Only part of the table is shown).

On the Listing and Sorting Profiles Page specific Profiles can be selected from the highlighted Profile ID column on the List Profiles Table.

The figure above highlights the Profile ID column in green.

Each row provides a summary of the Profiles.

Some column headings in the List Profiles Table contain links which will re-sort the table according to the information in that column.

Links within the table provide quick access to information about  :  Owner, Programme, & Cruise for the specific Profile.

Go to the Display Profile Summary Page by selecting the required Profile ID from the Profile ID column.

The 'Active Profile' on the toolbar of the 'Display Profile Summary Page.

Figure  -  Shows the Active Profile on the toolbar of the Display Profile Summary Page. (Only part of the toolbar is shown).

The Display Profile Summary Page allows you to view the progress which the Profile has made and provides access to the forms & associated uploaded files. In the figure above the information provided will refer to Profile ID - 29.

Entering the Display Profile Summary Page the will cause that Profile to become the Active Profile.

Once the Profile is active any subsequent information which is viewed (for example an SME) will be the information which is associated with the Active Profile.

In the above example Profile ID 29 is active and highlighted in green. All subsequent actions and information pertain to Profile ID 29.

The 'Profile Progression Table' on the 'Display Profile Summary Page'

Figure  -  The Profile Progression Table on the Display Profile Summary Page (Only part of the table is shown).

The Profile Progression Table tracks the progress which has been made for a particular Profile. It indicates to both the Principal Investigator and Manager - what the next requirement is, and who is responsible for meeting that requirement.

In the illustration above (for which the Profile Progression Table is only part shown) the header illustrates the Profile 29 is active.

The first three stages have been completed and Profile has progressed to the Create Programme Stage. The Profile is currently - "Waiting for programme creation."

Specific information about an individual Profile can be found by selecting the links in the Actions Available column of the Profile Progression Table.

On selecting the link -> View part completed SME you will go to the Display SME Page and be able to review the first part of the SME (for Profile ID 29)

Selecting the link -> View Costing will open a costing document for Profile ID 29 in a new browser window

Selecting the link -> View Funding will you will go to the Display SME Page and be able to review the completed SME for Profile ID 29

How to select information about a Profile - 'Step by step'

Left side navigation bar - view Profiles Menu :
    -> Select All Profiles option
go to Listing and Sorting Profiles Page
    Table : List Profiles
    Column : Profile ID -> Select <Your Profile ID>
go to Display Profile Summary Page
    Toolbar : Active Profile is <Your Profile ID>
    Table : Profile Progression
        Column : Selection Action -> <Your Action>

Links here provide access to the Profiles forms & associated uploaded files>
    Link : View part completed SME -> go to Display SME Page
    Link : View Costing -> will open a costing document in a new browser window.
    Link : View Funding -> go to Display SME Page

The Programme of cruises by specific years

Programme Chart

The Programme contains the details of ships, cruise dates and the associated Profiles.

A Programme is published by NMF-SS Management once a year (although increasingly as the MFP continues to develop we are moving towards a rolling publication of the Programme as this allow us to increase the time spent planning). The dates in a Programme run between 1st Jan and 31st Dec and is named after the year in which it falls  eg. Programme 2006.

Each entry in the Programme has an associated Profile. For a Profile to be considered for inclusion in the Programme they must have confirmed funding and have completed the Confirm Funding Stage within the Marine Facilities Planning Tool.

To view a Programme select the required year from the options in the View Profiles Menu on the left side navigation bar.

The Programme listed on the Display Programme Page is for a specific ship and year. The first panel is used to alter the ship and year. The second panel indicates which ship and year is currently selected. Please see the illustration below.

Subsequently the Programme is organised in date order and listed as a number of double rows.

Part of the 'Display Programme Page'

Figure  -  The Display Programme Page (Only part of the page is shown).