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BODC Cruise Summary Report Page

The BODC Cruise Summary Report is not presently available for this profile.

Within a week of a cruise being completed the PI is responsible for providing BODC with a copy of the BODC Cruise Summary Report. This information is then transferred on to the BODC web site. An empty Cruise Summary Report and instructions for its completion can be downloaded directly from BODC - [here].

BODC have developed a service which will allow NMF-SS to poll for the existence of the processed version of Cruise Summary Report on the BODC web site. Currently the Cruise Summary Report is not available to access. This may be for a number of reasons; the PI has not yet submitted the report, BODC have not put the report online, BODC servers are down etc.

Please be aware that the information in this page will be used as part of the automatic mechanism for reporting to NERC on cruise completion.

A complete list of BODC Cruise Summary Reports and PI Final Cruise Reports is available - [here].